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Hi All,

I have a query regarding requirements for Project Server Web Apps (PWA) integrated with SharePoint. The reason I'm asking this question is I don't have the software at hand to test this and when it comes to licensing this I'm lost.

The customers environment consists of SharePoint 2007 and Project Server 2007 installed on the same server. The customer has setup several SharePoint project web app sites which seems to be accessible to all users in the company.  What I would like to know is

a) If a user wants to use the Project Web App (PWA) from a SharePoint site, do they require Project software installed on their PC to use the Web App?

b) How many project server CAL's do I require? Do I need a CAL for all users that can access the Project Web App?

any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated
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Rainer JeschorCommented:
a. no - there is no need to install Project Client software to use PWA
b. each user which IS accessing (not which can access) the PWA site needs both proper SharePoint and Project server CALs.

Melih SARICAOwnerCommented:
Project Client may be usefull for some Project property modifications that u cannot do from Web App.

but as Rainer said.
Easch user WHO can Access to SharePoint and PWA ll require a User Cal.
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