Where is this variable set with(in) php SMARTY?


I'm editing a site built with php SMARTY (template engine). I'm new to smarty, but managing OK, except for 1 thing.

I can't seem to find out where these variables (and other alike) are set:
{if $show_managment_menu == true}
{if $show_admin_menu == false}

There are a few more of these variables stated in the template to determine which parts of the menu to show to specific users. But I can't find where any of these are set. Doing a site wide search on all the files in Dreamweaver only shows these variables in 3 template files, as if they aren't set anywhere.

Where / how to start?


Ps. This is a local site.
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peps03Author Commented:
I was able to edit stuff in the site's files and make it work..
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
When I was asked to edit a SMARTY site, I couldn't find anything.  Turns out that SMARTY compiles the info into the database and runs the site from there.  As I understand it, you will never find some of the stuff by using Dreamweaver.  You have to run whatever the site / template generator is.
peps03Author Commented:
How do i do that?

The code logic should be set somewhere so it knows what to put into the database i think? The variable needs to be declared somewhere right?

I downloaded the database and did a search for these variables: also not found.

These is a template folder: "templates_c" which contains the php of the files, but i think it is compiled.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Since the condition of the client site is not known, you may have to do a fresh install of SMARTY on another machine and follow the directions to see how it works.  You can't simply edit anything since it expects to compile the site.  FYI... NetObjects Fusion works the same way and Microsoft's Front Page used to also.

Here http://www.smarty.net/ is the SMARTY site with lots of info.
peps03Author Commented:
it worked
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