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SSIS -  Foreach Loop Container - read table

I need to travel a txt file folder where you have the txt file names are in a sql table
with the following structure.
File name
Load State
Upload date

I was checking the internet and there is a Foreach Loop Container control that lets go flat files. What I need is to develop an ETL to scroll through the txt files based on a table. Each time a file is loaded only the state changes and would load the files where the state does not change. For example: Select Filename from TbConfiguracion Where Status = 0

Have some example. I thank you in advance for your time.
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You should be able yo use an Execute SQL task to get the list of file names that you want into an SSIS variable of type Object. Then, in the ForEach loop, iterate over the enumeration of the Object to get each file name in turn and then use it to set the name parameter of the flat file connector and then read in the text.


(I'm in the middle of moving house, so no in-depth explanation with pictures - I apologise!)