iPhone 6 no longer adds the date and time on filename when emailing

Hi all,

I have a co-worker who is adamant that his iPhone 6 used to add the date and time to the file name when emailing photos. He says it no longer does it, it just says photo.jpg or photo1.jpg etc.

Is this a setting?

I can't seem to find a google answer.

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PrimusPilusAuthor Commented:
Never found the answer to this....
Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:
I am on my iPhone 6+ and I cannot find a Setting that makes that happen.  What I do know is Apple came out with in iOS7 a photos sorting by date and time area. For example, Open Photos and then select 'Photos' on the bottom left.  In there it contains 'Years, Collections, and Moments.'  Select a photo to view.  At the top of this photo it does list the date and time.
References - http://www.macworld.com/article/2048867/get-to-know-ios-7-camera-and-photos.html and https://www.apple.com/ios/whats-new/photos/

This is true for photos taken with the camera and screen shots on the phone itself.  For as long as I can remember the physical file name has always been something like IMG_1.JPG, IMG_2.JPG, and so on.  I do not recall it ever "used to add the date and time to the file name when emailing photos."

What I do know is that on my Macbook pro that if I take a screen shot there by using Command+SHIFT+3 the screen shot appears on the desktop and lists the date and time the screen shot was taken.

As far as resolving your co-worker's claim about it being there before, do they recall when this started happening or have example emails with those photos?  What iOS version do they have versus when they recall that date and time addition happening?
My files show the date in the file name when they are synced to my PC...


If I take that same file and email it directly from the phone, i get the picture showing up with the following name format...


So there is some process during my cloud sync that is putting a date stamp in the name.

Also, I am not using iCloud but instead syncing using OneDrive...

Not much help, but it could be that he is seeing it one way when he forwards from his device but seeing a date stamped name on his PC.
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PrimusPilusAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys,

I got my hands on his iPhone today and I can clarify the problem. Some photos show up as FullSizeRender.jpg. If there are multiple images, they all have the exact same name which is a problem for him because he uses a Concur Expenses tool that requires unique file names in order to work properly. This only happens when he emails them, if he transfers the images to the computer they show up fine.

I can't pinpoint the issue. Some say it's Auto HDR others say it's the fact the photo is edited. Neither is the case.
I have seen the FullSizeRender.jgp before and I think that happens when you send the picture via SMS instead of emailing it.
PrimusPilusAuthor Commented:
Never found the answer to it, must close it.
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