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Robocopy command to transfer files from linux to Windows server

I have a about 2TB of files on a Linux serve that is accessible via Windows as a SMB share. From the windows 2012 r2, I like to copy the files and get a log files with only the files that it was not able to copy  . I have looked at the command options and a bit confused with to many switches.  I used Richcopy which is a Utility based on Robocopy , but it freezes and hangs halfway though. It has done great on most of the directories. I have a feeling it may be related to very deep folder paths or bad characters in the file names. Whould Robocopy be able to handle bad characters in the file-names.   ?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

If you are hitting a path limit or bad characters then I don't think Robocopy will help with that.
Cliff Galiher

If by "handle" you mean it will succeed, then no.  But it should accurately report errors that many GUIs choke on because of font selection, etc.  You'll at least have a list of failed files that you can work on moving another way (shortening the path, moving to an alternate location, renaming to remove bad characters, etc.)  Robocopy is far superior to RichCopy, which...as I recall...all development was abandoned on years ago.

I have looked at the command options and a bit confused with to many switches. Can you all help me with a sample command . The destination is blank and does not need compression for now . I would like a log file with all the errors or skipped files.  I cam up with the following , but not sure what /MIR does and also not sure how to get the logs or add any additional switches that are needed.  I came up with this  ROBOCOPY \\Server1\Examplefolder \\Server2\examplefolder /MIR
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