Instant notification of purchase

The $24.99 link on this page links to paypal purchase method.  I need to be able to tie it to an individual seller so that the person selling the item (or passing the link) can be assured that they will get paid for having generated the item.

Is there any way that I can do this?

If not, is there any way to set up a notification system so that the person selling, is at least notified that someone has purchased the item?

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
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Probably the easiest way you could set this up would be to put the affiliates number or some other unique identifier inside redirect URL.

 this way, after they complete the payment, the redirect URL will be executed in the purchaser will be sent to a URL which contains the affiliate links commission information.

 of course you would also have to include a nonce so they couldn't just go to this link over and over and over for more commissions.
frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
Yes, I am trying to set up an affiliate commission system.  Whereby someone could ideally track the following information.

1).  How many unique clicks did I generate today?  Perhaps not show them all of the information (such as an actual IP address), but show them some information, so that they were aware of whether their efforts were at all effective.

2).  Show them whether someone actually purchased the item.
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Are you the seller or you want to be affiliates?
frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
I am the owner of the domain at and am looking to promote the free consult or sell the $24.99 service listed at the top right of that page.

I want to do this by using people in other countries that are willing to work on commission.
For the first part, the way that large companies do it like click bank is that they give each individual affiliate on affiliate link or an affiliate number, which they put in the URL. so, for example if I was one of your affiliates, I would expect to have a URL like:
 of course, you can use the unique identifier (in this case my screen name) as of the subdomain, or as a subdirectory. Then use Apache MOD rewrite to turn that into an identifier which can be linked to the database and uniquely identify me as the person who sent you the referral. This takes care of the who. As in: who sent me this referral. As far as uniques, you will need to track IP addresses to distill how many unique visits you got. The correlation between the unique visits and the identifier will tell you which of your affiliates is producing the most traffic. The quantity is not as good as quality. In the end, you want to sell this $24 item. So, you will need to programmatically set up the redirect URL that I have posted above to be dynamic depending on which user actually sent you the traffic ( in my current example, remember that we are uniquely identifying someone by screen name or an affiliate ID ) .
 so when an actual purchase is made, you will not only have the uniquely identified affiliates in the redirect URL, you will also have the IP address and other information from which you can determine who should get paid a commission. a combination of these three types of data will show you how who's generating the most traffic, and who has the best conversion rate . The secret is to ensure that you are putting the unique affiliate identifier (the screen name and my example) into the redirect URL code for PayPal so that you can track who actually should get paid for which commissions.
frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
Very clever.  So in terms of action items to make this happen in Wordpress without a programming background, where might I start?

Is there any one action I could take that would have 'some' immediate value?
frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
The other problem is that I don't have the time resources to set every 'potential' seller up with an account when only 99 out of 100 are likely to add any value at all.
If you don't have the skills (or cash to rent the skills), then you are probably stuck. I don't know of any affiliate management system that is free.
I will tell you, by the way, you can expect to pay affiliates around $25 / sale. They have costs too. So, you'd need to raise your price to even support this.
If you dint have the resources to setup every potential affiliate, you'd need to automate that.
 I have the feeling you don't really understand what affiliate sales is all about. With affiliate sales, other people are selling for you. So your entire job is to support them so that they can sell for you. Their job is not supporting you. you pay them so that they can get you new customers , your new customers pay you. Your customer support you so that you can support your affiliates. If you don't support your affiliates you won't get any . And even if you do get some, they won't stick around if they don't get support from you. It's a different type of a sales model , and it generally means that you were going to be removed from the actual delivery of the service. If you're too busy servicing your customers, and you can't service your affiliates, it will not be sustainable for you to begin with .
frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
Raising the price could be worked out.  It's good to know that the price for this is about $25.

I was hoping it was around $12.  That way I could eventually outsource the actual delivery of the service as suggested, but without at least $10 per day in revenue, that number would not make sense.

You are definitely giving me great stuff to think about!!
Thanks for the points.

What did you eventually decide to do?
frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
I haven't put it together
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