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Sharepoint Data Migration from File Server


We have installed a new SharePoint 2013 server on a windows server 2012 Hyper V VM and we will be migrating files from a file server onto document libraries on SharePoint. The problem is that we currently do not have enough capacity on the SharePoint C: drive to move the files across.

We are thinking of buying some more drives to install on the VM 2012 host to accommodate for the disk space, We were thinking of creating a new VHD to add to the VM that will allow us to store all the files.

My question is, is it possible to point a SharePoint library to a specific hard disk?  
Is there an easy way to migrating data from a file server to SharePoint?
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This isn't done at the library level.

It's possible to create a new Site Collection that has it's own Content Database in SQL Server. You can configure SQL Server to hold those data and log files in a specific location/drive.