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Dynamics CRM Online 2015

Hi Experts,

Im am currently setting up Dynamics CRM 2015 Online (first time, never user any CRM package before)

I have created all my users and Managers, imported all our out accounts from a file I have made, using the downloadable xml file. All of this has gone on and is well.

3 things i need to achieve.

User Access Levels
I want to have CRM so that theres Managers at the top, that can control salesguys movements and tasks ect, but not the other way round. I can see theres some hierarchical security settings but i am not familiar with CRM, and this is infact the first time i have ever used it.                                                              

Email from Crm
I have approved my own Mailbox, and Enabled it, it fails when running the Test. I have not touched the email configuration areas, just simply tried to send an email. Just need some help getting this set up

I want managers to be able to log in, and set tasks, phones calls and appointments ect, for there sales guys. How do i go about assigning managers to to salesguys? Do i need to set up Teams? I do not know the best way to approach this.

This is completely untouched and new setup

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Principal Consultant
Your question actually covers three substantial areas and it might be better to ask three questions.

I can give you an overview here though.
User Access Levels:  I suggest you review this Microsoft article https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/gg334717.aspx on role-based security which explains the security model

Email from CRM: For CRM to be able to send emails, you have to configure CRM to either use Server-Side Synchronization (SSS) or the Email Router (but not both). SSS is a good bet if you also have Office 365 email accounts. If you have an on-premises Exchange Server I recommend the Email Router - but you need to download and install the Email Router on your own computer.  If you don't want to do either of the above, then you can configure each user to instead use the CRM client for Outlook. But this requires you to download and install the CRM add-in for Outlook. Then emails will get sent when you have Outlook running (and therefore the CRM add-in).

Tasks - you set the manager for a user on the user form. Set Manager is available on the command bar at the top of the record. However, you don't need to do this for the reason you gave - to allow managers to configure activities for their sales guys you need to configure the security roles properly.

Don't underestimate the amount of planning and configuration needed to setup CRM - it is not a trivial task. You might want to go on some training or review on-line training materials or books to help you.



Thanks for your response. Since writing this Post, i have learned that, CRM is a substantial program, that will need planning carefully. I want to future proof the System and get it set up properly. I am looking at booking a CRM specialist to come down and configure the system to how we want it, and get on the job training during the setup.

Thanks Again!



Expert Advice, fully taken on board