Onedrive for Business local storage

Hi All,

Scenario as below:

Was assigned to look into new SharePoint 2013 setup and OneDrive for business. For the Onedrive portion, i was told that management intends to use it as a storage location. Meaning to it will be used as user's personal storage and they intend to assign about 300GB per user to store their personal stuffs.
As I understand from the articles that I've read on OneDrive for business,
"OneDrive for Business in a SharePoint 2013 on-premises environment, user files are stored in the SharePoint Content database in the SQL Server that you are using for SharePoint Server 2013. User storage quotas are set through site settings for the web application that is hosting the My Site host site."

Therefore from this understanding, OneDrive contents would actually reside in the contentDB.
However, limitation to contentdb size is that it is limited to 200GB per contentDB. Therefore here comes the perplexed situation,
Management wants onedrive to be implemented, able to integrate with sharepoint with assigned 300GB space per user BUT not looking at the cloud to store data as they only want data to reside locally in-house.

Question is, is there a way for onedrive to be implemented using local SQL storage. And if it can be done, don't mind if you guys could share some light or article? THanks. I've gone bonkers searching for this info.

Thanks in advance.
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Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
I wouldn't worry too much about the size limits you mention. For one thing the personal data will be stored in MySites, and will not impact your main business content. Also, MS are managing the storage capacity in the back end, though of course you pay for your quota.

There are lots of swift developments happening around OneDrive and I encourage you to keep an eye on the roadmap for announcements in the near term;

As such, you should be able to rely on the cloud personal storage element of this.

As far as using local storage, there are hybrid options for OneDrine and SPO. There's a little guidance here;

Some good further links here r.e. about O365 limits;

Theres a bit of Hybrid setup discussion here, though not quite what you're after I suspect;
Ali_JuniorAuthor Commented:
Hi Jamie,

 Thanks for the reply. Correct me if I'm wrong, so whatever storage that's stored in MySites is totall different DB from the contentDB?
So when you mention cloud personal storage, are you referring to the cloud that's provided by MS? Cos that is definitely not an option as this is a purely intranet with no public facing network. As was mentioned , what we r trying to achieve is to have users store their data via onedrive, but this storage of data is via a local copy i.e SQL db instead of the cloud.

Hope this clears up
Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
OneDrive for business can be 'pointed at' your on-premises SharePoint install to store the information there rather than in the cloud. It's effectively a syncing mechanism.
Ali_JuniorAuthor Commented:

Sorry for the inactivity as I was away on vacation.

After reading many articles, I think the requirements that have been laid out for me to be implemented, will not be able to be implemented.
1. First requirement given was that they wanted an alternative backup storage for users. Meaning, each user is allocated 300GB of storage space to store their personal data.
2. To leverage on SharePoint 2013 so that users can publish their data online for other users to access it.
3. Local storage of all data, nothing is to be hosted in cloud or MS.

Thus, from what I have read, I'm unable to find any evidence/examples of SharePoint 2013 incorporating OneDrive for Business to be used as a personal storage without using cloud technology hosted and managed by MS. The requirement for each user to be given 300GB of storage space already exceeds the ContentDB limit, meaning I would have to have say more than a few hundreds contentDB just to accomodate the number of users.

Correct me if I am wrong.
Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
You're right that the 300Gb allocation would exceed the normal limits of Content Databases. There are products such as StoragePoint by Metalogix which offload the BLOBs in content databases onto your drives, so you can in effect go way beyond the normal content DB limits that way. That said, the product is licensed per Terabyte and so could be pretty pricey depending on your number of users.

Even in this day and age 300Gb per user is a big ask. Very achievable in the home, but paradoxically not so much in a business setting.

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