How to disconnect (disable) internet with hot keys

Is there a way to disconnect the computer from the internet using Windows and or other hot keys?  When I go down to the right of the taskbar and click on my Wireless Network Connection and click on my network and click on disconnect, it does't appear to be working properly.  I clicked on disconnect last night and I was able to get on the internet this morning so I went to check on it and it says "connect" - so apparently, it doesn't know that I am connected.
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First you have to check if you are really correct, or the computer is really correct. You oare only really connected if you can watch a new youtube video. If you just start the browser and you see the google search page, it's not enough, that's probably loaded from the cache.
So, check again, disconnect wifi, then proceed to watch a new youtube video you didn't watch before. If you can, you might even have a network cable still? Disconnect the cable.
Maybe you have some auto-reconnect function enabled. Then disconnect is not the correct way. Disabling is the better way then (start > run > ncpa.cpl (enter) > rightmouseclick on your wifi >Disable).
A hotkey to do those steps, I have not though. In some cases, you could use AutoHotkey to program it. But let's check first if you can just use disconnect/connect properly first. If it really doesn't work, I can try to get AutoHotKey working for you.
camtzAuthor Commented:
Great.  I will try your suggestion and get back to you.  I really like AutoHot Keys.
camtzAuthor Commented:
Okay, let's start here;
1) I went to the Network and clicked on "Disconnect"
2) I immediately went to Firefox and opened up a video which I've never seen and played okay
3) I opened it up again and it says "Connect" (see pic)

so, it's basically telling me that I am currently disconnected but I'm not.Screen-Shot.jpg
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Seems you are correct that your Windows is a bit confused (if you really don't have a working network cable connected).
As I've not seen this problem yet, I can only make suggestions:

-  Try another USB wifi dongle, see if the problem is there too
-  Fully uninstall your wifi drivers, install newest (only driver, not the application, some driver packages combine this, but try to figure out how to install only the driver)
- Fully reinstalling Windows is probably an option too. In case you're sure it worked properly a few weeks ago, restoring a restore point is also an option.

If this all seems too much, I might be able to device something where you just click something to enable or disable the internet quickly.
camtzAuthor Commented:
I would prefer the latter.  I have no cables connected to the computer.  I received the computers ( 2 of them) a week ago and just got through loading all the programs so a clean install is not an option and I tested the other computer and it does the same thing.  The computers are ENVY 15t.  If we can bypass this Network setting, it may be the best solution.  The other thing (which I am very hesitant to do) is to call HP but the last time I called them on another matter,, they got into my computer and made so many changes that when it was all over they said to send it back for a replacement - in other words they screwed it up big time.
camtzAuthor Commented:
I think I figured out why I am still connected to the internet even when I disable the Wireless connection.  I went to Control Panel/Network Connections and saw that there is a Local Area Connection.  So I first disabled the Wireless Connection and I could still get on but once I disabled the Local Area Connection, I could no longer get on.

So, it looks like what we need is some hot keys that will disable/enable the Local Area Connection.
camtzAuthor Commented:
Sorry, that won't work either.  It looks like they BOTH have to be disabled in order to disconnect from the internet.
Please note, HP laptops already have a wifi hotkey on their keyboards. Please look for a wifi signal icon, or a tower, or something that looks like it's "sending waves". It can be a dedicated button or switch, or it can be a Fn key enabled one (then the icon is usually in dark blue). If you find this button, and press it (if dedicated, otherwise, HOLD Fn key, THEN press the button), an on-screen message should pop up telling you what happened (usually just "Wifi off" or "Wifi on").
This would be the best option, as it's already built-in.
From screenshots online, I'm guessing it's a backlit keyboard, with the dedicated wifi button above the - / _ and + / = key. It seems dedicated (no need for Fn key), because the wifi icon is bigger and the F12 is smaller. Of course, try with and without holding the Fn key to see how it reacts.

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camtzAuthor Commented:
That's all we needed.  There is a function button that disables the computer from the internet.  Tried it and works great.  Many thanks.
camtzAuthor Commented:
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