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Help Creating a new Sharepoint 2013 Web Application and Site Collection

Good Day,

I need some quick and dirty help. I have been put into a corner with my Sharepoint environment, literally next week I take the Sharepoint 2013 boot camp but my CIO started a new on-boarding process with the purchase of Nintex. This is working fine in my Test environment but that is a single server the problem that I am having is creating a new web application and site collection. I have a 3 Tier farm, 1 WFE, 2 Application and 2 SQL Servers.

I installed sharepoint but did not do any of the farm configuration until this push, so I ended up using the the farm wizard to complete the environment :(.

When trying to create a new WebApplication called Myforms I want it resolvable by fqdn and hostname, I have tried multiple ways but everytime I go to the site in IE I get the nasty 401 error which I cannot get pass.

Can someone please help me quickly with the this setup, it will only be accessed internally.
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Quick and dirty answer that might help, not looking for points:


Don't worry it being for older versions, still applies.

One other thing, the root site collection for the web application may not have been created by the wizard. That would also throw the 401 error. Not to fret, you can create that site collection from central administration, under create a site collection.

Hope that helps, actually check on the existence of the root site collection before you do the loop-back thing.
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thank you, was missing the registry for backconnection
Walter CurtisSharePoint AED
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Glad it is working for you now. Have fun!