cryptowall trojan horse

One of my computers has the crypto wall Trojan horse.  What is the best way to remove this?  Keep in mind that I have not responded to these ransom ware folks to obtain their magic password to decrypt my files.  Also, what is the best anti virus software to avoid getting this infection in the future?
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Once you have been infected with ransom ware there is no cleanup.
Your only option is to restore data from a backup (if you had made such a backup)
Paying the ransom seldom leads to getting your data back.
Antivirus software does not stop all ransom ware.
Cloud based antivirus solutions such as Panda are updated more timely to protect you better.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Almost any modern antivirus program will clean up the infection to a certain extent. I suggest you try Malwarebytes in addition to your own suite. In any case, you likely cannot your documents back and must restore them from backup after you have cleaned up the infected machine.
Never use an account with administrative rights when using your PC. Keep UAC enabled. Make sure your OS and AV tools are always fully updated. Don't open mail attachments or files on websites you don't know. Don't map network shares to drive-letters. Regularly backup your system, and rotate to different backup media.
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Walt RickerIT Help DeskCommented:
Hello Capreol;

I ran into this Crypto Wall Trojan Horse myself on a company computer, after using the tool  below I was able to clean the system but was unable to retrieve all of the files that were there currently. After a reboot I was able to restore them from a recent backup.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Checkout the preventive means using tools such as cryptoprevent and also see this EE article which include backup set up. Eventually besides the endpoint security software such as AV , host intrusion s/w installed in the machine, there will still be other avenues to be exploited via external media or network connectivity (wireless/Wired) or phished email, unpatched appl/OS. Application whitelisting and backup against this malicious family is a mean towards closer to the end protection。

There is also good coverage in bleedingcomputer in the CryptoWall family. Note there are already version of it spinning off so signature based like traditional means of having host AV and Firewall are not preventive against "unknown" signature. Reduce exposure, limit the attack surface and go for policy lockdown with contingencies in event of breach and being penetrated.
(see "How to restore files encrypted by CryptoWall")
(see "How to find files that have been encrypted by CryptoWall")
capreolAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.  I worked on this computer for approximately 5 hours to no avail.  I used Malwarebytes Antimalware  in safe mode...did not get rid of it.  I tried to download, install and run AVG and also C Cleaner.  The Trojan horse Crypto Wall prevented me from installing and running AVG and C Cleaner.  I was able to recover some of the files on the computer but was unable to recover many other files.  One thing that should be mentioned is that during this ordeal the task manager was showing 100% CPU usage and that made it extremely difficult to work with the computer.  My guess is that the Crypto Wall had a lot to do with that.  This is one nasty piece of work!
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