Mapping OneDrive for Business to a Mac as a connected server

Have a client that has migrated to O365 and need to map the OneDrive to a Mac as I do with Windows.  The path doesn't work and don't know if the "SMB:" is the correct protocol to use to connect to the sharepoint site.  Can anyone help out this is kinda urgent since the user cannot access the shares that was moved.  Thank you.
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Can you access 365 through web browser?
I believe there is option to open in Explorer. Not certain this works with MAC OS though.

Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
OSX cannot mount the OneDrive cloud storage as a mounted volume.

You have three options
1. Install the OneDrive App on OSX .. this creates a full local copy of the OneDrive storage on your mac and then keeps it in sync with your cloud storage (this can use a lot of HD space depending on the size of your OneDrive account)
2. Use a web browser to access OneDrive .. it is slow and messy to upload and download files but OK for limited access.
3. There's a 3rd party app which claims to support mounting OneDrive on OSX called Expandrive -  There's a FREE Trail to give it a test and see if it meets your needs.

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LightWireAuthor Commented:
Thanks, found that you can map a WebDev site to a the OneDrive Sharepoint site a WebDev?
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
WebDAV .. is what it is called and there are indications that OneDrive supports it.

OSX has support for WebDAV which you can use by using the CONNECT TO SERVER option in the GO menu in the Finder

Enter the URL (get the CID from your OneDrive account)
Enter your login username and password and it should mount the OneDrive as a WebDAV volume.
LightWireAuthor Commented:
I'm talking about OneDrive for Business which is different but don't know that it uses.  I know there is a way to map via \\\DavWWWRoot\Personal\user_domain_com/documents for windows but won't work on MAC.  Please I'm using ExpanDrive but not able to delete or rename after copying files.  Plus it only lets me connect to 1 acct instead of multiple.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
You've two different issues here.

In relation to Expandrive .. I'd expect there's a simple file permission issue .. raise a ticket/issue with the software supplier.

In terms of WebDAV on OSX .. this is similar to FTP and quite limited .. Microsoft clearly make sure OneDrive works with their OS Windows but have no great incentive to make OneDrive work with OSX and your path and method of connecting will NOT work on OSX.
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