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vmware - bridged network connection

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I'm running vsphere enterprise 5.5.0 in a 4 host cluster environment. Each host has 12 NIC's, currently 8 being used.  Problem that I'm having is 1 VM "REC04" (vlan.999) is having difficulty communicating with a physical server on vlan.17 "AACC".  All firewalls rules are allowing traffic to and from these vlans with no restrictions, all ports are allowed.  Please see below for what I received from my vendor.

The client that its referring to is REC04 and AACC is the Avaya Aura Contact Center.
I have verified that the firewall on REC04 is turned off.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Avaya\RTDSDK\Logs\CCMS_NamingService_1.log
2014-10-10 08:05:05.962 16          WARN   NMServiceMain() Error creating listening endpoint [42002]

This might mean you need to open a firewall port.
Have you tried disabling the firewall to see if that makes any difference?

Q When running the RTD client what could be the cause of error 60059 (NIrtd_eDP_FAILURE)?

A The Real Time Data (RTD) client application initiates communication to the Avaya Aura Contact Center server to authenticate. After authentication, parameters are set which will be used in sending statistical data to the client. Subsequently, a new communication channel is opened by Avaya Aura Contact Center to the client. This is the data stream connection used to send data to the client (the Avaya Aura Contact Center component used to send data is the Data Propagator). If the Avaya Aura Contact Center server fails to establish a connection to the RTD client, error 60059 is sent to the RTD client.

It may be the case that communication initiated from the client to Avaya Aura Contact Center works, but communication initiated from Avaya Aura Contact Center to the client fails. This scenario can be common where network firewalls or IP routing are involved. The actual RTD client and Avaya Aura Contact Center server may be working properly, but failure in communication initiated from Avaya Aura Contact Center to the client may be the cause of error 60059.


RTDSDK uses DCERPC, which requires a reverse connection from Symposium to a dynamic port on the Server 2008 R2 client.  It appears this reverse connection is being blocked, probably by Server 2008 R2 itself.

The developer is saying that the problem may be the VM networking component, and that they are recommending that we make the VM "REC04" us a Bridged Network Connection.

How do i create a Bridged Network Connection in vsphere enterprise 5.5?  The only documentation that I can find is for VM Workstation.

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Your vendor does not understand VMware vSphere Enterprise Hypervisor.

Bridged Network Connection does not exist or required in VMware vSphere, only exists in the Workstation Product.

There is no requirement to bind to the Host Network, as per VMware Workstation.

You connect a VM to a virtual machine portgroup, which is connected to a vSwitch, which is uplinked to a physical network port.

No Bridged or Binding in VMware vSphere.

1 VM "REC04" (vlan.999) is having difficulty communicating with a physical server on vlan.17 "AACC"

This is correct, network traffic tagged on VLAN 999, will never communicate or get to VLAN 17.

Unless you have Inter VLAN routing on your physical switches!

Why don't you put both on the same VLAN, or add another network interface which is on the correct physical network or vLAN!



Thanks for the update, makes sense.  With regards to the vlan routing, our firewall is performing all of the routing, but I do like the idea of adding a second NIC.  I will let you know how this goes.