Excel 2010 AutoSum showing formula instead of results

I am experimenting with an excel 2010 report -- I created a pivot table then copied the results of the pivot table to another sheet in the same workbook.  All was going well, however, when I try to use autosum on column B - I clicked autosum and it put in the following formula:  =SUM(B3:B2441)  -- and the total shows up fine in the cell 2442; BUT -- I change the formula by changing the "B3" to "B4" since cell B3 has the year in the cell and that cell should not be included in my total.  Once I make the change, the formula then shows in the cell and not the results.  I did try to troubleshoot and find where someone suggested toggling between the formula and the results by hitting "Ctrl + `" -- but that did not work.  It is strange that the sum shows ok in the cell until I try to change the formula.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks
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Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
if the above fails, on the affected cells, do a Find/Replace for = replacing it with =
ie exactly the same thing.
This can often force Excel to re-evaluate the cells, then afterwards it wil realise they are formulae, and then it should be good from then on.
Hakan YılmazTechnical Office MEP EngineerCommented:
Cell may be formatted as text i think. It will turn your formulas to text as soon as you edit. You need to format it as "General".
or "Show Formulas" option may be set on in "Formulas" tab. But this will always show formulas, doesn't matter if you edit or not.
mmj1Author Commented:
Thanks to all for your help.
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