Can Sharepoint be used as a document distribution tool for sales?

Our company currently has an intranet ASP.NET web app that is slowly failing apart that provides a document distribution service.  Essentially it consists of sections for different types of products and you can choose to either pick documents to be printed, or pick documents to be emailed.  The documents are placed into a cart, and when you "check out" it either prints them or brings up an email dialogue where you fill in your information and the customer's information.  Then you click send, a copy of the email with attachments goes to the customer, and copy minus the attachments is sent back to you as a receipt.  Nothing is recorded of the email that was sent.

As near as I can tell it's just an ASP.NET page with an Access DB to manage the links.  There's also an administration tool built in that allows authorized users to add or remove documents to each product category.

I'd like to know if there's any sort of simple software that could replicate this functionality, or if a Sharepoint page could be made to do the same thing.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM has this feature, but we don't need the full package.  And management isn't likely to hire a programmer to fix our aging app.  So I'm open to suggestions.  Thanks in advance!
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Just some initial thoughts here:

Are you working in an Active Directory environment? Is this just needed for Intranet?

Although you wouldn't have the "Cart" type feature, would a network share with appropriate permissions suffice?

A proper share could be setup to allow some users to add files and others only to view them. Each user could email them from their email client?


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JimTechAuthor Commented:
Yes, we're on an AD, but my skills with IIS are rudimentary at best.  So I wouldn't know the first thing about setting up authentication.  In fact, we have another app we were never able to transfer off our old server because I can't get the authentication IT to work, but that's a whole other issue.

A network share is certainly an option, though I really didn't think about it that way.  The difficulty is that there's about 500 files, many of which have numeric file names because they were scanned in through our copier.  So the DB behind the web app manages connecting the actual title to the file.  Maybe I could use that table and a renamer program to do it in bulk.  *shrug*

Thanks for pointing out that I may have overlooked the forest for the trees.  :)
Since they are scans, is the assumption that they are PDF files and they are scanned as an image and not text, or are there a mixture of scan types?

If you are adding scans, some type of programming will likely be needed to keep up. Perhaps it would be worth looking for a web/programming development company to provide a quote to update/repair your current application.

Powershell may be an option for bulk rename and, combined with a file-watcher event, may be able to accommodate added files. But that is still programming.

JimTechAuthor Commented:
I discussed it with our CSM and she's onboard with it.  And I've found the database tables that correlate file names and descriptions, so I should be able to use a renaming tool to do that grunt work.

So yeah, I think the network share will work.  :)  Thanks for reminding me the simple ways are often best.
You are most welcome. Let us know if you need any additional assistance.

Good luck,
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