SAS 6G vs 12G

I'm planning to purchase a new server HP Proliant 380p Gen9. but deciding harddrives seems to require research.
Currently I have HP Proliant 380p Gen8 and using a 146GB 6G 1k rpm 2.5" SFF Dual-port SAS (Model# EH0146FARUB Part# 512547-S21). But when I look at compatible harddrive list of HP Proliant 380p Gen9, it has 6G and 12G drives. For example,

HP 300GB 12G SAS 15K rpm SFF (2.5-inch) SC Enterprise 3yr Warranty Hard Drive 759208-B21
HP 300GB 6G SAS 15K rpm SFF (2.5-inch) SC Enterprise 3yr Warranty Hard Drive 652611-B21

If I mix them, how it affects the server? For example, mixing 2x 6G drives for C drive and 4x12G drives for E drive?

And how much different in real speed of the drive?
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For those drives you wouldn't notice the difference in transfer speed since transfer latency is swamped by rotation and seek latencies, however you have put SSD in the tag even though the disks you list aren't SSDs.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
what do you mean I have put SSD in the tag? The drives listed above are SAS harddrives.
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Of course EE's web may be putting tags in automatically now, I haven't checked but last time I asked a question it had to put your own tags in.
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