Setting up new router with 4G

I've got a new cisco 2911 that I'm configuring for a new location in our organization.
It's setup with the following interfaces;
Gi0/0 -> not used shutdown (used to be old link)
Gi0/1 -> Local network (
Gi0/2 -> Fiber connection (not activated yet)
Cellular0/0/0 -> Verizon 4GLTE up and running but.....

In a nutshell by adding a static route Cellular0/0/0 I can get the router to ping the outside world. What I can't do is get it to connect to our backup circuit. Fiber is our primary (no VPN), Cellular is our backup (VPN). I have been pulling what little hair I have out for about a week. All other routers which use the same basic configuration work fine. I hope somebody can help me resolve this quickly.

Thanks, Richard
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RichardPWolfAuthor Commented:
Well, I've got the experts stumped. Been having Cisco (at least 3 engineers) on this problem and they all say the same thing, Configuration looks good. I can ping the external address of each of the routers no problem. But with the new router even though the Site to Site VPN tunnel shows up can not connect through the tunnel. I'm checking with Verizon to see if they are blocking "any" ports but haven't heard back from them yet.

Don't know if this question will go any further but will leave it open for the moment.

Mike SmithEnterprise VoIP & ISP BrokerCommented:
Very good configuration idea that I absolutely know works.  The way I typically see a WAN configured with a 4G auto-failover for back-up, however, is with a Cradlepoint device failing over to a 4G Beam Card.
RichardPWolfAuthor Commented:
No cradlepoint device on this router. We only use the cradlepoint as a failover on our main router to backup the fiber connection for the internet. This configuration is all internal to the 2911 ISR. We're using an HWIC for the 4G. What I did was copy the configuration from one of the working routers and then modified it with the router specific information. That's why I'm not understanding why it won't connect. The only area that I can think of is that all the other routers are on the subnet and this new router is on an individual IP Could it be that the other routers are working fine because they are on the same subnet and this one isn't? The existing subnet does have room for two more hosts but there will be a time that I will have to use different subnets/host addresses and I'd like to get this working so I don't run into it later in life.
Would it help if I posted the "master" routers configuration?

RichardPWolfAuthor Commented:
Finally got this resolved. Turns out when I followed my instinct and went in and cleanup up the configuration (removed anything that didn't pertain to the 4G tunnel etc.) it started working. Plus I needed an addition to my firewall and viola everything works as expected. I'm only giving myself a B as I should have had this done sooner.

Thanks to everyone who looked at this.

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