Why doesn't my Access query subtracting two number result in zero when it is subtracting the same number from itself

My query is using two tables; linked field is WeekNumber
I am subtracting AdjYTD from FTYTDQuota
those fields are both data type General Number, Double
It subtracts fine except when the numbers are both the same
46.08 - 46.08 = 7.105427357601E-15

Here is the sql:
SELECT qry_WeekNbrYTD.WeekNbr, tbl_quotaAdjustmts.AZID2, qry_WeekNbrYTD.FTYTDQuota, tbl_quotaAdjustmts.AdjYTD, [FTYTDQuota]-[AdjYTD] AS YTDQuota
FROM qry_WeekNbrYTD LEFT JOIN tbl_quotaAdjustmts ON qry_WeekNbrYTD.WeekNbr = tbl_quotaAdjustmts.WeekNbr;
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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Because they are singles or doubles. Try this:


Both are Doubles
That's a lot of decimal points, and the truth is, computers aren't that accurate that far out UNLESS you push system to be very precise.

So your result is actually
Which, for your intents and purposes is zero.
So force the issue

SELECT qry_WeekNbrYTD.WeekNbr, tbl_quotaAdjustmts.AZID2, qry_WeekNbrYTD.FTYTDQuota, tbl_quotaAdjustmts.AdjYTD, Round([FTYTDQuota]-[AdjYTD],6) AS YTDQuota
 FROM qry_WeekNbrYTD LEFT JOIN tbl_quotaAdjustmts ON qry_WeekNbrYTD.WeekNbr = tbl_quotaAdjustmts.WeekNbr;

How many decimal places of accuracy do you are about.
I've thrown in 6 for fun.
How many do you care about?
Currency? 2 maybe 4?

The way a binary processor does math isn't what we learned in school.
Ones and zeros, that's it
Integer math.
The minute you want decimal precision, there's emulation on the go
I may not get all the details right.  A CS guy would.
But 4.832 - 6.1 isn't what a computer does.
It does 4832 - 610 in binary and then figures out the decimal placing and hands it back.
With things near an integer, that approximation can sometimes be imperfect

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schneider_ksAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much!  I added the Round and ,2 to my query and it works perfectly.  The other answer specified currency, but those aren't currency fields.
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
> but those aren't currency fields

That doesn't matter. It just rounds to 4 decimals in the simplest way possible.
Amazing you didn't even try. Oh well.

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