Private programming lessons - Any opinions?


I asked a question once that touched on some of these issues, but it looks like I am going to go ahead with giving private, 1 on 1 programming lessons.
I asked what language I should use, Java too complicated for first time? Python was new, . . . should I dare teach young kids Xcode or C++? Python is now the main language here at UNCW, and also MIT.

I was advised that since young kids are even making iPhone apps themselves, not to be concerned with a steep learning curve.
I think I am going to begin with Python, leave Java out now, and based on the pupil's inclination and needs, take further steps.
It may not all be kids. - teens and higher might want private lessons.

I made $60 k at Microsoft Xbox entry and, of course, much less at Novell intern.

My choir master charged $20 per private, 1 on 1, lesson, 25 minutes or so.

I think with my potential as a teacher, this unusual category, I could reasonably charge $30 per lesson, 1 on 1, or $20 for each person in a group lesson? My computer area has room for some desks and things.

In my community, there are always flyers for local businesses at my door. I think if I put a few around for my private programming lessons, I could get a few.
I feel that a word of mouth thing from the local families could help me branch out a bit.

Maybe I can offer first 2 lessons free?
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Walter RitzelSenior Software EngineerCommented:
On what concerns the language to use on your lessons, python is certainly the best choice.
On how to promote your private 1x1 lessons, I think a word of mouth campaign is a good start.

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beavoidAuthor Commented:

what I was expecting to hear! confirmed,
$30 private, $20 group ?

So far, I have been doing my personal Python coding in TextEdit. There must be a studio of sorts for Python. I suspect Eclipse. Error detection?
On a Macbook, what is the best way to set it up? Windows also, tho I'm sure there may be few Windows pupils. My brother is the only Windows Hold Out I know.
beavoidAuthor Commented:
I asked a separate question about a Python dev environment and, of course, it is Eclipse

beavoidAuthor Commented:
I read that logo is a good starting point.
I agree. In 1984 I did Logo as a 5 year old.
I just now asked another question on how to find an implementation of Logo.
As for my teaching of kids, I've also been told to forget a gentle curve and just go for it.
Binary Tree on day one? maybe an AVL tree?
I really like PyCharm as a dev studio!
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