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Mac OSX Server - can it do user folder redirection?? Documents, Desktop, etc?

1) Can I redirect Mac Mini user's folders (Documents, Desktop) to OSX Server? (Folder redirection)
If possible, what are the steps to set that up exactly?

2) How can I set up access to file and folder shares on OSX? I.E. Do I have to make a user name/password
which is exactly the same as whats on that users Mac Mini or can I set up users on the Mac OSX Server which then I could
also control the user names/passwords on the office Mac Mini's?

Thank you,
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Perfect, thank you Sullivan.

Question about keeping their user settings. If I set users up with a network account,
is there anyway to keep all their safari settings, passwords, favorites, mac mail setup, etc?

You can migrate the whole thing as follows

I think you can also use Migration Assistant but I've never done it that way so can only recommend the process as outlined by Apple in the link above.