Of the 10,000 or so installations of our program, I have a problem with ONE client.   We do a program call:

ortb = NEWOBJECT(rtf1, rtf1.vcx)

That normally returns a VARTYPE(ortb) = "O"  (object)

But on this one clients machine it return an "L" (logical)

I tried for a lark to allow "L" types to pass, but now a get an object error.  Any idea why this program sees the VARTYPE as an "L" instead of an "O"?

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ortb = cast(NEWOBJECT(rtf1, rtf1.vcx) as O) ?
If you declared the ortb variable as LOCAL or PUBLIC  then it has the logical data type initialized to .F. value prior to the NEWOBJECT() function call...

So the logical value indicates the object creation failure.

The reason can be whatever and the simplest solution is to reinstall the client's workstation. More sophisticated solution would be to fix/reinstall just the RTF component which the rtf1.vcx class probably uses but I cannot say more as I don't know what rtf1.vcx really does.

You should test the object creation from VFP.EXE directly on that PC.

Possible work around:
1) You could try to execute  DO EVENTS FORCE  before the NEWOBJECT(). It allows to process pending Windows events and RTF object creation does not need to wait for necessary resources.
2) Call the NEWOBJECT() three times in a loop (with DO EVENTS FORCE inside). If it fails three times then something is wrong with the PC... and we are back in the PC reinstallation...

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