Getting the image details using a thumbnail on the picture

Dear All

I need a help on writing a code that can get the product details of the images on a click of that.
The details are in the database table. But the issue is we have a slider to show the images.
I am not able to guess how to get the image details by the mouse click on the slider.

The above link shows the product images on the left. The right should show the product details. Currently for every product the description remains the same. But I would like to get the details changed based on the image scroll.

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Ray PaseurCommented:
Fatal error: Problem preparing query (SELECT * FROM productss ORDER BY id ASC LIMIT 1) Table 'product.productss' doesn't exist in /home/rockdeep88/public_html/db/MysqliDb.php on line 899
Scott MadeiraCommented:
I don't have specific help for you because I've never used that slider program.  what you will need to do is contact the slide makers and find out how you can identify which image is showing on the left side of the screen.  It looks like there are two images in the HTML and somehow the slider is flipping from one to the other and then backfilling the next image into the sport you were just at.  If you can ID the active image then you can write some simple jQuery to use that ID to get the data you need on the product to build the details on the right.

But, step 1 will be figuring out which image is loaded at any given time.

Hope that helps a little...
karthik80cAuthor Commented:
Dear Ray
Thank you. The error is rectified now. Sorry there was a DB connection error. Now its rectified.

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