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I would like to know if these 2 players are supposed to be listed in the open with when right clicking on a movie in my videos library. There are MPC-HC and under Neath it there is MPC-HC x64 . When I clicked on the about for each when selected I saw that most of the information if not all are the same thing. If that is the case why are there 2 listings ? does it make a difference which one is selected? Did this happen as a result of an update? If one listing needs to be removed , please advise me on how to remove or add something to the context menu for future reference. Windows 7 64-bit home edition OS
Thank you
Windows 7MultiMedia Applications

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Basem Khawaja

8/22/2022 - Mon

Hi Basem, you sure pick my fav subjects.
Ok short history MPC used to be the alternative to QuickTime, for us who didn't want to install QT in order to play mpeg4.
Then it was offered as an open source player in the K-lite codecs bundle
Then it was upgraded to MPC-HC and then when the windows x64 took off offered as MPC-HC x 64.
so you may have several versions of it without realizing it.
To ensure your using one specific version install it as a single download not part of a codec pack.
I actually use another version Media Player Classic-Be. I like the interface better is included my r/click runs in both 32 and 64 windows/ can pause it on screen.
MPC be
There is is really not a lot of difference with them MPC-HC 32 x 64 other than you can't use 32-bit plugins or filters with the 64-bit player.
Using your search type in media player classic anfd try also MPC-HC or look in your programs files in windows 7 x 64 to see if it is listed in in start All programs.
Often times these open source are not actually install rather they download to your download folder.
The MPC-BE I gave you is an actual installer.
I have set my MPC-BE as default, to see what players are actually installed rightclick then choose default player
installed playersCheers
Randy Downs

One is 32 bit & the other is 64. Here's a description of them.

MPC-HC is available in separate downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.
Basem Khawaja

When I right click on a video -open with-choose default program there are 2 listings of MPC-HC and the one with X64. But since u said the X64 has more features then can't I remove (if you tell me how) the MPC-HC and just keep the x64. Once again do you know how I winded up with e 2 listings . Was it an update you think??. Please tell me how to remove or add some something to the context menu. Thank you Merete
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Walt Forbes

Hi Basem  
I nolonger have any of the MPC HC so when I illustrate here  it is with my MPC-BE for ref purpose.
I have two systems here one is w7 32 and the other w7 x64.
On this w7 32 bit system I have only MPC-BE 32 bit on my other system
I have only MPC-BE x64 on the other.
 MPC contect menu x64 windows
When you rightclick the video and open with choose MPC HC X64 tick that box.Apply and ok, now all your video will take on the MPC HC icon and automatically open with it.
It doesn't really matter if you keep both that's the windows 7 x 64 option.
You can have both of any software so that if needed the 32 bit kicks in. Not all programs support the x64 bit version of things.
Video does not have a x64 bit only the filters for sub titles etc.
You can keep both.

MPC HC is an open source and does not get installed with any updates per say.., it was probably downloaded with a K-lite pack. Possibly the x64 bit installer had both inside the installer, can you recall where you downloaded the x64 MPC HC?

As you have both a 32 bit with a 64 bit  listed in your r/click context menu we need to find it's source and you should be able to uninstall it from there.
One is in your programfiles that is the x64 bit version
the other is in programfiles x86<< look in here for the MPC HC 32 bit expand that folder if it exists and use the uninstall.
programfiles and programfilesx86
Please check your start orb all programs for the K-lite pack and or for your MPC HC , it will just show as that, the x64 bit version lists as MPCHCx64.
start orb x 64 MPCCheck in the control panel uninstall a Program?

If it came with codec K-lite pack uninstall the K-lite codec pack.
To delete the registry key remember to also remove all the folders as well.
Look in in your registry go to run type in regedit press enter
look down the list to MPC HC  rightclick it and delete it.
You can nolonger uninstall it now and then you will need to delete the folders from ProgramFiles x86 on your windows 7 x64.
for illustration purpose only as I have only the x64 bit MPC-BE on my windows 7 x64. Yours will show both.
MPC-BE on W7 x64 registry
Basem Khawaja

I am very angry about who ever keeps assigning NEGLECTED to my question. It has not been that not long ~8 hours to be specific from the time I responded to the question. I need to know who does this assigning neglected and based on what criteria , There is no logic to this action and I am in a total disagreement to this action. Instead of placing neglected you could have tried to help solve my question . that would be a lot more productive than causing problems and upsetting me.
Basem Khawaja

If I am understanding correctly that leaving both will do no harm then I will go head and do that, just like you said maybe the installer which you are correct was from k-lite codec packs put in the 32 and 64 bit to accommodate any program  however for own  curiosity I followed your foot steps and entered in start menu MPC-HC what showed was MPC-HC.exe when I opened the file location also there was no uninstall option either . Does that sound normal??
Lastly I have asked already twice how to add or remove an item from the context menu. an easy method would be greatly appreciated.
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Basem Khawaja

I only have both when I click on open with. right click on a video they don't show up. Deleting the folder from program files that's not my big concern. My initial concern I thought they are duplicates until you said they suppose for 2 different versions 32 and 64 bit. @ things I would like you to explain to me please. Why 64 bit is only listed but the 32 bit is not next to the MPC-HC ? is that how things are listed by default. second when I go to start menu and I search for MPC-HC the only thing that comes up is the .exe file but no uninstall is that because as you said I might have downloaded that from a zip file not installer.

Thank you Merete

I believe that windows sees both and as there is two it selects the one most suitable for your windows 7 x 64. so it doesn't show the x 64 extension. There really is no difference other than the gui is slightly different to support the 64 bit filters.
Yes I believe that the zipped downloads was like a stand alone open source player no install.
That is the beauty with this player you copy that MPC HC .exe to a usb drive and add some video give it to a friend and he can play the MPC HC straight from a USB drive no install required. Portable!!
All seems normal Basem..
Is it listed in your Start >Programs?
Back in XP codecs was a problem and MPC had the ffdshow codec and was teh main reason I installed it.
Now I just use MPC be as a media player and downloaded the ffdshow codec separately as it helps with HD video
Basem Khawaja

You are very smart and thorough in your explanations. On a scale of 1-10      I am sorry to disappoint you but I will have to give a mark of 11.Though no one seemed to comment on why they put on neglected on my question which upsets me when I was constantly keeping up with answers.

Thank you again
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

Ah thankyou Basem always a pleasure to help where I can.
With the neglected question alerts I believe because members are all over the world our times zones differ a lot, I am in Australia for example.
 Experts Exchange has a few scripts to automatically perform certain functions.
Could be a time zone bug possibly between you and I.
 If you feel strongly about it you can ask the mods to please explain using the request attention at the bottom right of your top question.

Here is the bit on What is a Neglected Question
You're Welcome Basem
Regards Merete
Basem Khawaja

Thank you but even taking time difference into consideration time difference between EST where I am and you in Australia is typically 11-12 hours depending on DST , When the neglected alert came up it has not been even 9 hours. Even if it is more than that based on my work schedule if I  am off or not also makes a difference to have the time to reply in that given day. People need to be considerate of situations like this. Thank you any way it is just the PRINCIPLE