Autodiscover on Iphones Macs and Ipads

I have a client who had their webpage worked on last weekend.  The Web person inadvertently setup an incorrect autodiscover record.  All Iphones,Ipads and macs will not receive emails unless they are on the Lan.  Once they leave the building, they lose the ability to send or receive mail.

Client has SBS2008/Exchange 2007 and a self signed certificate.

I found the autodiscover record and had the web people remove the record, however, the record must be cached as a ping to still returns a reply.  If you go to "" the page says "Autodiscover is not configured".

Do I have any option but to wait out the DNS updates?  it has been about 12 hours and all of the above symptoms persist.  The client is getting a bit testy, and I have tried everything I can think of.

Client is using a self signed certificate, so, from what I have read, creating a new correct autodiscover record could cause other issues.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Jermaine BhoorasinghJr. Operations EngineerCommented:
Once the email account has been set up on the iPhone, autodiscovery is not needed to maintain the connection. It sounds to  like you need to check the public A record for the mail server.
pfleury1Author Commented:
Thanks for the input Jermaine, but although I cannot find the specific article, I am pretty sure I read that IOS devices and Outlook 2011 for the Mac use Autodiscover evrytime they check for mail.  I have in fact connected a windows phone and an android device to the server from the outside by manually putting in the server information, but that does not work on the IOS devices.
Jermaine BhoorasinghJr. Operations EngineerCommented:
No problem, Have you tried configuring the account manually on iOS? I have a few demo accounts I use without autodiscover configure properly and they all work fine.

Also if you think its a DNS cache issue try doing a NSLOOPup using this app and check DNS propagation using
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pfleury1Author Commented:
I think the problem is that it is finding an autodiscover record and then unsuccessfully trying to use it.

The DNS issue is public, and the propogation is a removal of a stale entry.  That seems to take longer than the add or change of an entry.  How much longer is what I do not know.
I never installed an autodiscover record outside or inside my organization.  I always go manually, internal or not.

So I'm guessing you have a DNS record problem... meaning the names have changed and/or IP.   If the server is found within the organization check and verify the outside name match.  Fix as needed.

Good Luck
pfleury1Author Commented:
Problem resolved...pardon the pun.  DNS scavenged and the cached record is gone.  All Apple devices now working correctly, took about 18 hrs it appears.  I guess the answer is to wait it out.

Just to be clear The autodiscover record was created by someone not paying attention when they moved a hosting server for a webpage.  By default (apparently) the new hosting site automatically created an autodiscover record.  This is not good if you have apple devices that operate the way I describe above.  I am not positive that I am correct, however, as soon as the Autodiscover record disappeared the world was right again.


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pfleury1Author Commented:
self resolved
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