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Adivce on Cumulative Update Exchange 2013

Hi Guys,
im currently on CU 5 within my exchange 2013 environment and works well... do you think I should leave it at this or update it to the latest CU? ie. CU 7 ?  ive read a few forums and people have encountered issues after installing CU7...
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Sr. Systems Administrator
CU8 is the latest; you could wait a bit to see if there are any reported issues

Cumulative Update 8 for Exchange Server 2013 (KB3030080)

Exchange 2013 CU8 Released


shall  I just leave it with CU5 for a few months more before I consider  CU8?
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems Administrator

it will still run; the only issue is that there are security and bug fixes since CU5
with CU6 released august 26, CU5 was no longer supported as of november 26 (CU updates are supported until 3 months past the next CU release).  which means CU7 will be supported until june 16 (CU8 released March 16)

Exchange 2013 Servicing Model - Support for CU’s & SP’s


cheers seth - ill wait then for CU8 to be tested first..
We have exchange servers 2013 running and any release of the CU from Microsoft is advisable to update atleast after 3-5 months after the release unless you really have some issues which CU8 will fix.