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Active Directory Site has no Location

pxuser asked
Hi All,

A new Active Directory site has recently been added to our domain as we now have a 3rd office.
For the purposes of this post ill number them as follows:

Site 1 – Data Centre
Site 2 – Head Office
Site 3 – Secondary Office

Site 3 has a ‘Site link’ to Site 1, replication is working and there aren't any other know issues to date.
The problem is Site 3 doesn't have a ‘location’ In AD. For example when you search for printers by location the new site is not visible.

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Hi pxuser

Does the site appear in DNS?
Active directory sites are used to get locations and those must be created by Administrator, not are created automatically: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb727034.aspx, refer to Configuring Printer Location and Setting Location Policies.
Ensure you have enough privileges to do this.
Your AD administrator needs to create a new site, site link and required subnets (often a delegated network administrator will maintain the subnets). Printer locations are set-up as part of the subnet location information rather than the site information. Generally speaking in most organisations a site can span many locations but a subnet will usually be isolated to a particular floor; so this is why the printer location is done via subnet location rather than site location.


Thanks for the replies, just to clarify I am a domain admin.

@Guy_Lidbetter - Yes the site appears in DNS

Correct me if I'm wrong but when you create a Site it creates a Location for that site automatically. We have Locations for all our existing sites accept the new site (3).

So when you for example select a subnet  go to:  Properties > Location > Browse>   you get the following:


                                              <--- Missing

(As shown above in my screen shot)

Site3 Exists in AD Sites and Services and the relevant subnets are assigned to that site but, The subnets do not have a 'Location' Assigned to them as the correct location does not exist and is not selectable using the 'Browse option'. Typing in the location path manually also doesn't work.

If you look In the Sites and services Snapin> Site1 > Properties > Location Tab> Location box>  the following is visible:

country/city/site1   (As expected)

If you do the same for the new site it shows:


once again you cant select browse and select the correct location as it isn't there (As shown above in my screen shot) and you cant type the path in manually as this doesn't work.
Printer location is set via the subnet location. So you're saying that all of the subnets in Sites 1 and 2 have no location data set? Ignore site location information for now. For site3 you have created the relevant subnets and added them to site3? And in at least one of that subnets you have written in a location path?


All the subnets in sites 1&2 have location's set.

All the subnets in site 3 do not as the location for site 3 does not exist

The point I'm trying to make is that the new site (Number 3) does not appear in the tree of available sites when you browse for it.

The only place it is visible is in the 'Sites' Folder in the Active directory Sites and Services Snap in.
You have to type it in manually before the location becomes available via browse. As an example I've gone into one of my test forests, created a new subnet. Unlike all of my other sites this one is in a new country (Vanuatu). So I want a geographic location for Vanuatu. As per the screenshot below you can see there is no subnet beginning with V when I browse for the location. Replace Vanuatu with Site 3 in your example.

On my subnet I open the properties, go to the location tab and type location:


If I wanted to get more specific I would type:

Vanuatu/Port Villa

And if I wanted to get branch and floor specific I might put:

Vanuatu/Port Villa/1-3 Some Street/Level 2

But for this Vanuatu will do.

Once I've done this I refresh the list of subnets (do this) by clicking the subnet directory and refreshing. After this is done once again go into properties for the subnet and to the location tab. Vanuatu will now be available as a subnet location for future subnets at that location (different floors for example). Any new floors you will need to type manually (browse to Country/City/Site 3/Floor 4).

Is this what you are trying to achieve? If so just manually type your location as:

Country/City/Site 3


Thanks, that's cleared things up.