Exporting Mailboxes from Exc 07 to PST's

Dear Experts,

I need to export all mailboxes of our old exchange 2007 server -  I want to decommission the server.

I know how to do it for a single mailbox from the shell but is there an option to do all existing mailboxes on the exc 2007 server? There is about 60 mailboxes and I would ideally would want to export all of them in 1 batch.

Thank you
Leroy LuffHead of IT & DIgitalAsked:
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MAS (MVE)EE Solution GuideCommented:
Export all mailboxes from the selected mailbox database:
Get-Mailbox -Database "PCBOX\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database" | Export-Mailbox -PSTFolderPath d:\temp\export

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Entire Exchange organization
Get-Mailbox | Export-Mailbox -PSTFolderPath d:\temp\export

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But for all these you need Exchange2007-SP1(32bit) management tools installed on a different PC/Server
Emmanuel AdebayoGlobal Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:

You can use Export-mailbox powershell command

The Export-Mailbox cmdlet exports all empty folders and special folders to the target location. The special folders are the following:

•Deleted Items
•Junk E-Mail
•Sent Items

Create a text file like mailbox.txt with your alias names like:


Then from the powershell command Enter

mailbox.txt | Export-mailbox -PSTFolderPath C:\Exportsfolder


Leroy LuffHead of IT & DIgitalAuthor Commented:
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