SBS 2011 Backup on RDX


I am using native sbs 2011 backup, configured via the console. Backup destination is Tandberg RDX  USB Drive, configured to be displayed as local drive, so it can be used by Windows Backup.

However, when I try to eject the disk and put another one, I cannot eject the disk.

Process monitor shows that the disk is access by the following proccesses: Virtual Disk, Block Level Backup Engine and HP Insight Storage Agents Service.

Any ideas ?

Thank you
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Thomas RushCommented:
The HP RDX drives come with a continuous backup software application.   Is it possible that is what's running?  (note: in my experience with the hP product a few years ago, I never had trouble getting the cartridge to unload by simply pushing the front eject button)  This could be true if you purchased the HP RDX drive, even if you were loading a non-HP drive cartridge.

If not, exactly what system is the RDX attached to?
goliveukAuthor Commented:
It is a Tandberg USB RDX device attached to HP Proliant ML310e G8.
goliveukAuthor Commented:
Ok. It looks like it was one of the  applications that come with the device. Uninstalling it, solved the issue
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