Catch all MS Word VBA Checkbox Events

Is it possible to catch all checkbox events ?
e.g. (note: Document_ContentControlOnClick doesn't exist as far as I'm aware)
Private Sub Document_ContentControlOnClick(ByVal ContentControl As ContentControl)
    If TypeOf ContentControl Is CheckBox Then
        MsgBox (ContentControl.Checked)
    End If
End Sub

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I guess you could emulate it with then OnEnter and OnExit events:

Option Explicit
Dim bChecked As Boolean

Private Sub Document_ContentControlOnEnter(ByVal ContentControl As ContentControl)
   If TypeOf ContentControl Is CheckBox Then
        bChecked = ContentControl.Checked
    End If

End Sub

Private Sub Document_ContentControlOnExit(ByVal ContentControl As ContentControl, Cancel As Boolean)
   If TypeOf ContentControl Is CheckBox Then
        If bChecked <> ContentControl.Checked Then
             CBClicked ContentControl
        End If
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub CBClicked(ByVal ContentControl As ContentControl)
    MsgBox ContentControl.Checked
End Sub

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OnisanCoder / ProgrammerCommented:
Yes you can
You need a small amount of code in a class module to capture it
So attached is an example

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ag1iffitAuthor Commented:
Thanks, though for some reason this isn't having the effect I expected.

I added the code and break points, but the break points are not being hit (is that to be expected?)

I then added an existing check box click sub and then the OnEnter/Exit events both through an error : Screenshot-2015-04-01-13.37.47.png
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OnisanCoder / ProgrammerCommented:
does the document I have given you work?
ag1iffitAuthor Commented:
Question 100% answered with a concise working example.
Doesn't get better. 10,000 points.
OnisanCoder / ProgrammerCommented:
Thank you very much :-)
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