What is the best method providing stats and log in info for my website?

Website info:
150 users
Using IIS with Windows Authentication
ColdFusion for database connectivity

What is the best way to provide website stats for:
Who is logging in and how often
What part of the site is being used most
For the anonymous part - what parts of the website are being used most - IP locations - how often
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Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
Log Parser is a command line tool, you would have to configure a scheduled task to run Log Parser.

So you would have to do the following:

1. determine what info is  needed from your http logs
2. create an html template to store the data
3. create the query for #1
4. create a schedule task to run the report every day

Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
Make sure you've enabled logging in IIS.

At the server level, modify the logging configuration so that all W3C fields are being written to the logs, rotate them daily with 1 log per website.  This configuration will be pushed down to all site on the server, unless specifically overridden at the website level.

Then you can any one of several HTTP log analyzation tools available to pull out the reports that you are looking for.

To analyze HTTP logs, I use LogParser which is from Microsoft (free to download) I use Log Parser Studio as a GUI to the executable (LogParser is a command line tool which uses SQL like syntax to extract data from files).

If you are looking for something more packaged, like Google Analytics, I would recommend Piwik.

Link:  http://piwik.org/

All you have to then do is following Piwik's instructions on integrating your site with Piwik.  You would then have real-time reporting of HTTP activity on your site(s).

DJPr0Author Commented:
How does LogParser run automatically for updated reports?

What is the best way to view the report on your website?
DJPr0Author Commented:
Thanks Dan!
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