win 2012 Domain controller, put offline

I had added a new DC to the current domain,
i wanna have it as the primary and the only DC, but that will be during the weekend.
mean while, everything replicated off the old DC, i wanna put the current DC offline so i can delete users and change GPO's.
and in the weekend , i wanna transfer the FSMO Roles to the new DC and take off the old DC offline.
but from now till the weekend, i wanna make sure all the changes i am doing are not replicated or overwritten by the other server that will go offline.
is there a way that i can stop the replication ?
the Domain functional lebvel is 2008, the old DC is 2008, the new DC is 2012
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
When you have 2 DC's they are going to replicate (and you want that). When you have 2 DC's your users are going to authenticate to both of them. If your Old DC is currently holding the FSMO roles you will need to transfer the roles to the new one ASAP.

Basically if you break replication then your are going to run into a lot of issues, while users are on one DC but not on another.

To be completely honest your best bet would be to do the following...
- Transfer the FSMO roles gracefully to the new DC (ensure that you setup a NTP Time source)
- Configure your DHCP and static addresses to point to the new DC
- Take a system state backup of your old DC (before you demote it)
- Demote the old DC

If you want to restore the old DC into a test lab (isolated environment) you can use the system state restore to restore the old DC image if you like.

Not sure why you still want to delete objects from the Old DC while it is still on the domain?

Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
why would you want to take the server offline?
if you make changes to user accounts and GPO on one server it will replicate those changes to the other domain controller(s).  you should not be trying to stop replication but rather the opposite - ensure replication is working properly
your new server is built, let it function and make sure it plays well the current environment before removing the 2008 server
If you really want to stop replication...

Disable outbound replication from a particular DC:
repadmin /options <DC NAME> +DISABLE_OUTBOUND_REPL

Disable inbound replication for a particular DC:
repadmin /options <DC NAME> +DISABLE_INBOUND_REPL

Re-enable replication:
repadmin /options <DC NAME> -DISABLE_OUTBOUND_REPL
repadmin /options <DC NAME> -DISABLE_INBOUND_REPL
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