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HP LaserJet 1102w

clifford_m71 asked
We have an office with multiple HP LaserJet 1102w printers. People are connected wirelessly to these printers. So "Bob" goes to print a document to his 1102w and it prints fine. Then a few hours later he will print a document and it will go to "Toms" 1102w. How does this happen and how do I stop it????
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Thomas GrassiSystems Administrator
The only thing off the top of my head would be the ip address changed.

How are the printers defined?  Set them up as a dhcp reservation

hope this helps
As trgrassijr55 implied, you probably have the printers set up with DHCP addresses, just like the PCs. WIth a PC it does not matter which address it has: as long as it's on the correct subnet all is fine. A printer, on the other hand, is defined by its IP address. When talking to the printer, the PC sends the data to a specific address. If the address changes, the printer no longer receives the data. If the address is given to another printer, that printer will receive the data.

For this reason, printers need a static IP address. You can do that by setting the address from the printer's front panel or web page. If you do this, make sure the printer addresses are outside the DHCP range as set up on the server. For example, set the server to allocate addresses in the range - 200 and give the printers addresses 201 - 254.

As trgrassijr55 suggested, you can also do it by reserving an address for the printer on the DHCP server (in this case, the WiFi router). If the address is reserved, the printer will always be given the same address.
clifford_m71IT Manager


Sorry for the delay. I had many more pressing problems arise. Both answers were correct, I split the points because Thomas answered first but I appreciate the detail by hdhondt.