Cisco 887V ... ADSL.??


Can someone confirm if the Cisco 887v is ADSL2 compatible as I only see a VDSL port on the back  and a data BRI and there and it doesn't appear to have an ATM interface either?

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Garry GlendownConsulting and Network/Security SpecialistCommented:
886/887 routers are combined aDSL/aDSL2+ and vDSL routers ... you don't have to differentiate what it is being hooked up to, it will sync with either port style. Anyway, you DO have to differentiate as far as the interface configuration goes, as you will have two separate interfaces - an ATM0 which is active when hooked up to an aDSL line, and Ethernet0 which is being used for vDSL connections ... by putting a PPPoE dialer on both, you can have it operate on either line type ...
BTW that's why the router name is 88xVA ... for Vdsl and Adsl ...
Also, please note that as of current IOS versions, when being used on vectoring VDSL, you may have to install an updated modem firmware, otherwise vDSL may not work or only at 16Mbit speed ...
Craig BeckCommented:
^^^ Give that man the points.  Great answer!
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