Conference room PC to TV cabling.

I am setting up a new conference room with a large conference table (seats 12) and a 60"-80" TV (haven't decided on which one yet)

The conference table should have connectors to connect a laptop to the TV.   I would like to put all the cables in before the space is finished (it is a new construction)

The plan is as follows

The conference table will have VGA, HDMI, network, power, Display port, all in some sort of box on top of the conference table that closes when not in use.  End users will use a M-M cable to connect from their laptop to the box.

The cables go to a closet next to the TV.  From the closet cables are run through the wall to the back of the TV.
The closet will also have a cable box.

Does this set up make sense?  Are there limits to how many connectors you can put on the cables?   Is it preferable to just have a straight run from the conference table to the back of the TV?

Another thought I had was if there exists a vga/hdmi to wireless converter.  Plug VGA/HDMI cable from laptop to converter, on the other end plug another wireless converter to vga/HDMI the is connected to the TV.

I don't know what computer will be using the TV.  I would ideally like to be prepared for anything.  If I go with a 4K tv I am fairly certain that I would need to use Display port, as that is the only video standard that supports the resolution.

Thoughts anyone?  Thanks.
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Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
our 60" plasmas fitted to our newest rooms 2 years ago, had HDMI Only, so we fitted dual HDMI cables & connectors + HD Webcam, running under the floor back to the main table, and added one direct to the PC desktop bolted under the table and the other had a VGA converter fitted for the older laptops.  Also have a small box with adapters/converters for mini DP, mini HDMI and iPads.  PC had control of the screen by default, but plug in a laptop and the auto-changer took over and put its output up.

Table had a multimedia add-on fitted and covered down the middle of the table for 4xLAN/USB/Audio abilities.  Also installed a POE Cisco colour screen phone.

pick your TV (4K would be a waste as your IT kit won't use it), get as many HDMI or DP ports as you can, with wireless or RJ45 port as well.  test your laptops and meeting room system and watch your resolutions, its hard to see hi-res presentations at the back of large rooms.

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Wireless HDMI is pricy:
But it's a reliable product (have it in use for over a year now). No solution for VGA though.
Keeping cables in one piece is always better for quality.
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