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Outlook 2010 Inbox

I have a user whose outlook inbox has "Type: Folder Containing Note Items" where as a normal inbox would have "Type: Folder containing mail and Post Items" The sub-folders in the inbox are fine while the root inbox shows up with the Notes icon. User generated imageThis has actually become the default view and i can seem to change it. The normal inbox ribbon is also not the notes ribbon, and the entire inbox also shows up under the notes icon in the navpane. I've tried alot of the outlook switches and none have worked. Any suggestions would be great.
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Have you run the Microsoft Office Repair in Control Panel\Programs?
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No I haven't tried that because I can log on as the user on any computer in the company and the same setting appears. New profile or computer that user has never accessed before, those same views and settings appears. Do you thing repairing or reinstalling outlook will help?
I performed the repair and that failed.
I performed the repair and that failed to fix the issue.
sounds like a new Outlook Profile is in order.
Take a look at this tip:
I have tried recreating the profile with no success. Also since I have logged on to other computers that the user has never logged onto before, a new profile is automatically created, but I have also tried recreating the profile on the user's computer. Still no luck.
As a test, create an entirely new username and email on that computer.
For example if the username was johndoe, create johndoe2. and
I have only had to do that once in the past 15 years.  But was able to revert back to the original after a domain migration.
Other than that, i am out of ideas.
Did you try to run outlook.exe /resetfolders ?
Yes tried outlook.exe /resetfolders, /cleanviews, and /resetnavpanes
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Thanks alot for your assistance. MFCMapi suggestion resolved the issue!!!