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How to delete Email on iPhone 5S running iOS 8.2

babyb00mer asked
I suspect this question has been asked before. I have searched the Internet and found numerous "solutions." The bottom line is that the iPhone does not provide a way to clear your mailbox!? While following up one promising lead, I managed to add 9000 messages to my mailbox! I ended up having to remove the email account from my phone.

I have a neurological disorder which results in a tremor. Consequently, procedures that require pressing the move icon while standing on one foot and rubbing my head are difficult for me to perform.

For able-bodied people, this might seem a minor issue. For me, it's a deal breaker. The next time my contract expires, I'm likely to switch to another platform.
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The email account is not on the phone.
I don't mean that it isn't there because you already removed it, I mean that the email "account" you see on the phone is just a view of your existing email account (usually IMAP) on the server.

To remove 9000 messages from your mailbox, you can use any mail client, but as you are finding out most of them do not allow you to easily select all 9000 messages at once.

How you do it will depend on who your email provider is (gmail, yahoo, exchange, some other IMAP service, etc), and what client you are using.


Okay, I guess it's my fault! I did too much complaining and not enough explaining . So…

What I meant to ask is how can I delete all of the messages from the inbox on my iPhone? Based on my experience, and what I've found on the Internet, there's no easy way to do that. I know where the messages come from, but I'm not trying to delete the messages from the server. I'm trying to delete the copies of those messages from my iPhone.
1. Is the email setup as POP or IMAP on the iPhone?  

If POP then the emails are likely to be gone from the webmail account and only reside on your iPhone .. however if IMAP then it is far easier to manage and move the emails using a proper email client on a Windows PC or Mac .. as a phone is not really the environment to do large scale email management.

If you've downloaded all the email or want to try and manage them in bulk the only tool available on Mail on the iPhone is the EDIT button which allows you to select multiple emails (you have to click once on each one but no dragging is required) and you can then move/delete etc. on the bulk selection.

Basically a phone is NOT the place to be doing this .. delete the email account .. login to the webmail or use an IMAP email client of a laptop or desktop to manage the mail and once tidied up .. re-add the email account on your iPhone as IMAP .. it will then be easier to manage in the future.

This isn't really an iOS, iPhone 5s issue specifically as you can have similar problems on an Android or Windows phone .. although there are some complex mail apps on Android and Windows which can help a bit more .. the tiny mobile screen will always be a limiting environment to work email management.


I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Neither of the responses I received answered my question. I knew it would be difficult, because I have spent quite a bit of time searching for solutions on the Internet. I was just hoping that someone on Experts Exchange might have stumbled across something I hadn't seen.

Although quite informative, the responses did not address the question I asked. I have a general idea of how email works. Also, I know what my alternatives are. As a matter fact, I do get email messages on an android tablet.
Your question WAS answered .. there is NO way to bulk delete emails on the iPhone using the Mail program "the only tool available on Mail on the iPhone is the EDIT button which allows you to select multiple emails " otherwise you have to delete the entire mailbox.

Sometimes the correct answer is that there is no way to do something.  You asked and we confirmed your research and suspicions that there was no other way.  

Please allocate points to those who took the time to respond to the question.


I agree!