Need Help with Code Snippet not vaildating

Hi, I'm working here:

The main page uses the attached template mk_cat_page_MAINS.tmpl, attached.  mk-cat-page-MAINS.txt

That alone validates.

When I add in mk_cat_cell.tmpl, attached also, I get a lot of errors, but really it's the same on over and over, as the products load.

 Line 3154, Column 33: Unclosed element div.

Also, there's a stray </p> that I can't find. (I see it in the source code, but not in the templates).  I've changed the extensions of the files tomk-cat-cell.txt.txt for upload.

Thanks for your help!
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Hello. In your cell template you have following line:
<div class="mainCoursesContents">
It isn't closed, so when your template loops it again and again opens this div inside itself.
Remove it for cell template and add too main.
mel200Author Commented:
ok, that worked! Any idea where that extra </p> tag is? Should I just not worry about it? Thanks.
find text in main template and add </p> on places as below:
 <p>Let our customers speak for us. "Several people from my office together bought several meals for a coworker who had just had major surgery. She was so excited when the delivery came and said that it was the perfect gift since she was unable to prepare healthy food herself right now." ~Shannon C.  <br />
"Magic Kitchen entrees arrived at my home as a gift after having a new baby! They were simple to prepare, and tasted great."~Gretchen W.<br />
"These meals were sent as a gift for our Mom who is taking care of her elderly father full time. These meals taste great and give her a much needed break!" ~Ronda K. </p>
<p>See what we mean? Customers come up with new ideas every day for making our meals into great <a href="/gifts.html">gift ideas</a>. </p>
mel200Author Commented:
Thanks, that didn't do it, but I'm just not going to worry about a misplace </p>. I've already spent too much time on it. :)
mel200Author Commented:
Thanks! Now I add in the pricing to the right, watch for another question coming soon. :)
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