Help with cross apply

I have the following table named Orders

order id          Personid        Order Amount    
1                       1                         300                      

I also have a table named Person
Person ID           Name                    Address1                     City                State      Zip
1                          John Doe               123 Main Street        Houston         TX         77043

I also have a table named OrderAmount

OrderFloor  OrderCeiling    OrderTime    ShipCost    
100                500                    2                     5.75
501                1000                  3                     7.00

I have a user defined table function that returns OrderTime and ShipCost based which floor and ceiling range the order total falls in.  

Using example data, ordertime would be 2 and Shipcost would be 5.75

I am trying to write a query that will return the following
order id          Name                    Address1                     City                State      Zip             OrderTime   ShipCost
1                      John Doe               123 Main Street        Houston        TX          77043            2                  5.75

I know how to write the query to return all but the table that is returned by the function

SELECT orderid, Name, Address1, city, state, zip
FROM orders AS A
            INNER JOIN person as b  ON a.personid = b.personid

Not sure how to get the table data returned by the function.   Perhaps a cross apply????
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Something like this perhaps:
SELECT  A.orderid,
FROM    orders AS A
        INNER JOIN person AS b ON A.personid = b.personid
	CROSS APPLY dbo.udf_YourFunction(a.OrderAmount) C

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Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
If you want to return rows only when there is a matching value from the function, use CROSS APPLY.  If it's even possible the function might not find a match, but you still would want the orders row returned even then, use OUTER APPLY instead.  CROSS APPLY equates to an INNER JOIN, and OUTER APPLY to a LEFT OUTER JOIN.

Btw, the udf table function should be an in-line table function, which is critical for best performance.
johnnyg123Author Commented:
Thanks Anthony for the syntax

Thanks Scott for the heads up on cross apply vs Outer Apply and suggestion of in-line table function
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