need assistance with powershell script

hello, can someone provide a powershell script that will notify an administrator when a user reaches their warning level [mailbox size]

we prefer not to use a HT rule and have a powershell script run daily to detect any users that have reached their warning level and email an admin account.

thx in advance.

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Try this.. the script will collect all mailbox details which has StorageLimitStatus matches IssueWarning, ProhibitSend and MailboxDisabled, export the result to a csv file. Then mail the csv file to admin.
$File = "C:\temp\report.csv"
Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Get-MailboxStatistics | 
    ? {$_.StorageLimitStatus -match 'IssueWarning|ProhibitSend|MailboxDisabled'} | 
        Select DisplayName,ItemCount,TotalItemSize,StorageLimitStatus,LastLogonTime |
        Export-Csv $File -nti

Send-MailMessage -From -To -Attachments $File -Body "Attached the mailbox details which are above warning limit" -Subject "Mailbox details which are above warning limit" -SmtpServer

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The script is not tested, let me know if you see any issues..
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
If you enable the quota warning in Exchange, users will get warning only once a day when Exchange maintenance job is run.  Just ensure to not enable send and receive restrictions.  This way you don't need to enable any additional scripts or rules.
siber1Author Commented:
brilliant Subsun. thanks much!
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