relaying email in exchange 2013

I am running exchange 2013 and I've setup a receive connector to relay email (text messages) from my PRTG server, but it keeps on failing.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong.  I've read many articles online and it's pretty easy to setup a receive connector, but it keeps failing.
Here's one in particular I've followed with no success.

Any ideas?
DanNetwork EngineerAsked:
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Viral RathodConsultantCommented:
To activate Anonymous users to use this connector for relaying, you must issue the following command:

Get-ReceiveConnector “Receive Connector Name” | Add-ADPermission -User “NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON” -ExtendedRights “Ms-Exch-SMTP-Accept-Any-Recipient”
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I've already done that as well.
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
still not working, so what I did is, I sent the emails to an email address on my exchange system and then I'm forwarding those emails to
So I got it to work that way, I'm just bummed that the relay doesn't work.
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response, I found a work around as I've spent so much time.
Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Just adding a note here, if you want full anonymous relay, you can set up a secondary receive connector in Exchange, then configure it to use Externally Secured authentication. This will remove the limitations on relaying. I would not recommend setting the port to 25, though, and definitely don't open the port you use to the internet, as you'll quickly become blacklisted by doing so. I wrote a blog on this a while back:
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