Group Policy Cumulative Inheritance


Just a quick question about the cumulative effect of policies.

As an example.

Say a GPO is assigned to the domain and then a separate GPO is assigned to an OU.

In the Domain GPO, Internet Options has "Use SSL 2.0 ticked.
In the OU GPO, Internet Options has "Use SSL 3.0 ticked.

Will the final effect be cumulative. E.g Will the user end up with both SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 being ticked in the internet options?

rhiancohenVMware Senior ConsultantAsked:
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Group Policies are cumulative when you are talking about different policy settings. But this made me curious so I ran it in my test environment.

I created a SSL2 policy with only SSL2 checked and after applying it I only had SSL2 checked.
I then created a SSL3 policy with only SSL3 checked, made sure it had precedence over the other policy, and after applying it I only had SSL3 checked.

I think the reason why is when you set up a Group Policy Preference for your IE you are setting ALL the settings in IE. So what is checked is checked and what is not checked gets unchecked. So the settings will always be replaced by the winning policy in this case. Other areas of Group Policy  that are not directly related will be cumulative.
rhiancohenVMware Senior ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for testing that, An interesting conclusion on the Preferences side .

Thanks for an informative answer. I'll do a test as well and see what happens.
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