lost disk in DPM 2012, replaced volume and cannot resume disk backups


We had a disk die in a completely unrecoverable state and DPM 2012 was using it for Exchange disk replicas. I replaced the disk and added it back into DPM. It appears as healthy, but we can't simply resume backups there. My question is, would I do best to stop protection for this group and remake it, or is there a better way that keeps the protection group as-is?

Thanks for your thoughts!
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VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
When you replaced the disk did you remove the old one from the DPM storage pool?

Mike Jacquet gives some excellent advice in the below forum thread which may apply to you. If it doesn't, it's worth a read anyway:: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/15e80740-0e35-41d4-8194-c7a95d4b7b22/losing-a-disk-on-dpm-2010?forum=dpmstorage
dgapinskiAuthor Commented:
I read online that running a dpmsync -sync command followed by dpmsync -reallocatereplica would do the trick, but when I do that I am seeing an error "The allocation of disk space for storage pool volumes failed because there is not enough unallocated disk space in the storage pool". So I am guessing that stopping protection and re-adding the mailboxes under a new protection group is my only option?
dgapinskiAuthor Commented:
Thanks - that helped!
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