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I'm setting up a test site and need to create a form. Now I have done some reading up and saw the InfoPath, MS Access and Excel can be used to edit or create custom forms. I am however not sure if what I am to do is possible...

Here's what I want to achieve:

Our HR department normally sends me a PDF document if a new staff member joins the company. The PDF contains the person's name, last name, department, which branch, contact info and some other info.
I want to replace this PDF, I would like to have a place on the Team Site where HR personal can go, click on 'New Staff Notification' and is presented with a screen that requires some data entry, once all required info is entered the HR person should be able to click on 'Submit' and a notification should be mailed to all relevant IT, Logistical and Department Managers.
The attached image is a template of what is currently being used:

As you can see the blue sections on the page are the locations that can have data entered into, the file is then saved and sent to the relevant people.
I basically want to take that form and have it as part of the Team Site.

Is this possible?
How big a task is it to do?
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Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
You can modify the default forms, or pages that are used by SharePoint list. You can create a form with similar look and feel, but it will require more then basic asp/html/css skills. It can be done using SharePoint Designer 2013. But it can be done, and keep this in mind when the following answers will tell you the only way to go is InfoPath or a third party tool.

Using workflows you can distribute the form for approval decisions.

To answer you questions directly:

Is this possible? - yes
How big a task is it to do? - depending on skills, but moderate skill level, a good two to four days of work

Hope that helps
DJMohrAuthor Commented:
Thanks SneekCo

I will play around with it a bit, see how it goes.
Another thing I would like to do; our company has an entire manual for various stuff and one of the components in the manual is this New Staff form, you would browse through the manual to get to the link that is currently the PDF document, can the link to the PDF be replaced so that once the user clicks it they will be taken to the New list instead of taking them to the Lists app where they then have to click on add new...

If that makes any sense.

Also, can these forms be create so that they are able to create a set of folders on a sub-site?
Some of our project folders will get loaded onto SP and normally the IT staff are responsible for create the directory structure for a given task, I would like to "automate' this process where instead of the project leader sending a mail requesting a folder to be open he would be able to complete a form that would require certain data like project number and project name and will then be asked to select which folders are to be created. So once again this would be a form with workflows that create folders and the required sub folders?
This can be fairly easily achieved with the default form that comes with any list - although you won't achieve the same layout. InfoPath will help you there.
But basically you create a new list and create columns to match the fields in your form.
Someone comes along and clicks new item, fills out the fields and then saves.
You can have alerts set up on this list so that the relvant people get an automated email when a new item is created.

This is a solution in it's most basic form.
If you want something that needs to be be prettier than you can use infopath (this would be for a forms library rather than a list) which is a very simple tool to use.
If you want something more than a generic automated email alert then you can use sharepoint designer to create a workflow that creates and sends an email tailored to suit your needs. Again very simple
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Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
Please don't forget to mention that InfoPath browser based forms are only available in the Enterprise version of SharePoint, which can be very costly.
Good point. If the forms are browser based, yes you need Enterprise
DJMohrAuthor Commented:
I have been playing around with this and have found some decent 3rd party applications that would work perfectly, but need to read up some more on forms and workflows.
Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
As mentioned, this can be done out of the box. Seems like question is answered to me.
DJMohrAuthor Commented:
thanks for the info
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