DSMOD command to reset a users password failing "dsmod failed:The logon attempt failed"

I'm trying to run a command to reset a users password from command line on our domain controller but having issues. I know i had this command work before but i am now getting the error message "dsmod failed:The logon attempt failed".  Below is the command I'm using with pertinent information taken out. I know i have seen this work and i have to do this for over 200 users which is why i want the command to work. Tried to Google it but I'm only getting results from users with DSADD commands. I am logged into the domain controller as the domain administrator as well.

Here is the command i am using:
dsmod user "cn=XXXXX,ou=XXXXX,ou=XXXXX,dc=XXXXX,dc=LOCAL" -password Password2015 -mustchpwd no

Any help is appreciated thanks.
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Not sure why you would want to use DSMOD I would rather use powershell for this but I illustrated a test in my lab to show you the syntax.

Syntax i used in the screenshot
dsmod user "CN=Mike,OU=OU1,DC=example,DC=com" -pwd TESTing!@# -mustchpwd no

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MB_IT_SupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks Will i just noticed the -password and not -pwd. Re-ran the command with that change and it worked.
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