How to create auto reply in Exchange 2010

I need to set up a Auto Reply where anyone who sends to the address will receive. The message is specific and a little elaborate. It needs to have a message, and a  web link directing people to another site. I set up "Out of Office notification" in Outlook but people who try to reply to the email account only get the "Out of Office" notice once.

How can I do this on Exchange 2010 with the message having a web site link in the message?
Leverage IT ConsultingAsked:
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Steve WhitcherSystems AdministratorCommented:
In Outlook, create a rule that will "have the server reply with a specific message".
If you wanted to do it within the context of Exchange you would need to create a transport rule for the recipient address and reply with some text that you want.  Should be fairly easy to do it that way.
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