JavaScript DOM, need help to manually create a CSS style in <head>

Let's say I wanted to create a CSS style within a page that looks like this:

.someStyle {
    background: #FF0000;

I'm trying to use JavaScript DOM to create it, and I have something like:

var someStyle= document.createElement('someStyle');
someStyle.type = 'text/css';
someStyle.innerHTML = '.cssClass { color: #FF0000; }';

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But it's not working because I'm not seeing anything appear in the page through the webkit browser debugger at all. I need this created so that I can use jQuery's addClass("someStyle") inside my code. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

P.S. Yes, I need to do it this way, please don't suggest using the .css() method of jQuery, it does not fulfill what I'm trying to do.
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Tom BeckCommented:
This code worked in my test, Chrome, Firefox and Safari (don't have IE):
var head = document.head || document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0],
	    style = document.createElement('style'),
	    css = '.cssClass { color: #FF0000; }';
	    style.type = 'text/css';
	if (style.styleSheet){
	  style.styleSheet.cssText = css;
	} else {


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elepilAuthor Commented:
Works like a charm, Tom! Thanks!

Strange though, when I look at the code through Chrome's webkit, I do not see the newly-created style appearing within the <style> tag at all. To your knowledge, is that the way it really is?
Tom BeckCommented:
Not on my system. All three browser developer tools show the dynamically created style bock in the DOM. This is chrome. Be sure you are looking at the DOM, not the "view source".
Chrome developer toolsThanks for the points.
Tom BeckCommented:
If you prefer, you can add the new definition to an existing <style> block if one exists by changing the following line.
style = document.getElementsByTagName('style')[0] || document.createElement('style'),

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It will be added to the first <style> block in the head section.
elepilAuthor Commented:
Ah, I see it now. I was at the Sources tab, I had to switch over to the Elements tab to see the DOM. Thanks again!
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