SharePoint online sync issues

I'm hoping someone can enlighten me as to a very strange thing that is happening with our SharePoint online site (o365) and OneDrive for business.  I have approximately 18 users connecting to non-persistent VDIs provided by XenServer and Citrix VDI in a Box.  A user created a document library on SharePoint online, copied files from a local server to the library from a (non-VDI) pc via Windows Explorer.  Then she setup her VDI to sync to the SharePoint library via OneBox/SharePoint.  Everything worked fine for a few days, but suddenly several documents were automatically deleted, and strangest of all; an Excel file was actually converted into a folder, and several files were moved into the strange franken-folder that was created automatically from the Excel file (screenshot attached.)

I'm thinking this is some conflict between OneDrive sync/SharePoint and the fact that the VDIs are regenerated periodically.  

ANY thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!
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RondrileyAuthor Commented:
Following-up to my own issue, in case anybody else runs into this problem.  It all boils down to the fact that Onedrive for Business and SharePoint synced folders are NOT compatible with roaming profiles.
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