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Incorrect reply-to address Lotus

probetech asked
Domino 9 Server. Lotus 8.5.3 clients

I have a user who  has a "public" eMail box setup on her Notes client as well as her own.  This was just recently done.  The address is public@domain.com

When she responds to an eMail from the public box, the reply-to comes back as pubic%localnet/domain@domain.com and not public@domain.com

The Person Document is populated with the correct Internet Address

She does NOT have a Internet address specified in her location document.

When I send it from the server(9 client) it has the correct reply-to address even though I am logged in as the administrator.

What is the issue and how do I resolve this?

The user is setup as Manager of the mail box in the ACL
I tried removing that and adding her as a delegate but that did not work either.

Also, on the header(even from the partially successful one sent from the server) it says Sent By: Administrator.  I would rather it not say that at all. But this is minor detail at this point

I realize I could create another location document on the client that the user could toggle between but as it works on the one machine I would rather not do that and simply make it work on the other.

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Groupware Consultant
AFAIK the only fail-safe way to do this is using 2 Location documents, as you described, each for one mail database and mail address. How does mail arrive in both boxes? I assume the Domino server fetches the public/company mail, whereas the Notes client fetches personal mails. Correct?

It is ALWAYS the current user that sends a mail, that cannot be circumvented (easily). The reply address is taken from the Owner settings in the Calendar Profile of the database (i.e. the mail preferences). The %domain-stuff you mentioned seems strange to me. On the server it's governed by the Global Domain document, but how it's done locally I don't know,

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