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Incorrect reply-to address Lotus

Domino 9 Server. Lotus 8.5.3 clients

I have a user who  has a "public" eMail box setup on her Notes client as well as her own.  This was just recently done.  The address is

When she responds to an eMail from the public box, the reply-to comes back as pubic%localnet/ and not

The Person Document is populated with the correct Internet Address

She does NOT have a Internet address specified in her location document.

When I send it from the server(9 client) it has the correct reply-to address even though I am logged in as the administrator.

What is the issue and how do I resolve this?

The user is setup as Manager of the mail box in the ACL
I tried removing that and adding her as a delegate but that did not work either.

Also, on the header(even from the partially successful one sent from the server) it says Sent By: Administrator.  I would rather it not say that at all. But this is minor detail at this point

I realize I could create another location document on the client that the user could toggle between but as it works on the one machine I would rather not do that and simply make it work on the other.

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