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PCLink and Magmi Importer

CVRapids asked

We are using PCLink and Magmi Importer to transfer sales and product data between our point-of-sale system and our Magento e-commerce website. However, due to recent security concerns with regard to the Magmi Importer, our host, Nexcess, has banned the use of "magmi" as a directory name on our server. They recommend that we rename the "magmi" directory to something else, which we have. But now PCLink doesn't not know where the magmi directory is, and we're not sure how to point it to the new directory.

Is this an issue that anyone else has any experience with?

Thanks in advance!
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Seems like something that would be updated via the PCLink configuration/preferences.

Do you have a link to the PCLink software that you're using? For example, I assume this is not the PCLink app that you are using.


The PClink we are using was provided by our developer. We thought it was a third party software. We were able to find a solution to our problem.